Grow A Website With Focus On One Topic

Heard a great bit of advice and I thought I’d share it with you today.

If you were thinking about starting a website or you already have a website and you would like to increase the amount of attention that it gets – listen up.

Post Information, Not Advice

If you don’t have an audience and you would like to build one you can do so by posting helpful information. I mean really helpful information, unexpectedly great information!

Notice I didn’t say advice.The problem with posting advice is that it is your opinion and people will respect your opinion only if they already know who you are.

It’s possible that you can build up some kind of reputation or authority by showing your credentials or highlighting past experiences.

However this isn’t a great approach to build a new audience from scratch because when people hop on Google they’re going to be searching for an answer to a question that they have.

When you’re posting information or helpful information it gives people the opportunity to find the answers to their questions firstly and get to know you secondly.

This is something I learned from the Income School channel on YouTube. They’re famous for building mini niche websites focused around a specific topic (thus, niche website) and they advise creating Information for the reasons above.

Gives You More Focus and Topics to Write About

When starting a new website it’s important to have relevant useful content – Otherwise, what’s the point of going to your site?

If you’re starting from scratch, and you’re not quite sure how you’d like the final product of your site to look like, you can avoid a lot of confusion and headaches by focusing on a specific topic.

Nobody likes writer’s block.. And if you lack a particular motivation then flopping in the water willy-nilly is unlikely to move you in any direction.

When you focus on a specific topic it lets people know that your site is the place to go For more information about that particular thing.

There is a funny way our brain works where we like to categorize things. If your site is all over the place in its content then it will be difficult to categorize.

Let’s say sometimes you like to write about hiking and other times you like to talk about swimming. If someone is looking for information about hiking they MIGHT find your website…

But they will probably prefer a website that is completely dedicated to only talking about hiking because it will be perceived as being more helpful.

Of course there’s exceptions to every rule, but if you are interested in building an audience around the topic it’s important to choose the specific topic you want to be known for.

If you’re thinking about growing an audience of some kind just keep it simple and focus on one topic.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind later, it will just give you a good first base and foundation for your future success.

Now that I know this I will be considering what specific topics this website should be about. I certainly don’t want the content of this site to revolve around just-me-only-me… 🤮 How would that help anybody?

As you know my interest in starting this website is to create an audience and community of some sort… In the meantime, I’ll be sharing thoughts like these lol.

Thanks for reading, until next time. 😉

– Jonathan

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