Starting a Blog and Here’s Why

Hi there and welcome to this lonely first blog post. My name’s Jonathan (you might have figured that out from the URL and the title of this website).

We’re just going to keep things simple and direct here for the first post.

I’ll start off by saying the primary purpose that I’m starting this whole website and blog is because I want to.

Beyond that, I’m just curious what would happen if I keep it up, develop my writing skills, and see what kinds of ideas emanate from my psyche…

Reading blogs have been really important in my personal development. Some of the blogs that I read ended up influencing me to Quit my job, Become an entrepreneur, Learn new skills, Try things I never thought about before, Travel the world… Anyway I guess in a way I would like to do the same kind of service for a future reader. Maybe even you.

Here are the five main reasons why I am starting this blog. I imagine the purpose will change over time, but as you will see, that’s the point.

Attract a like-minded audience of people

One thing I’ve been curious about is how blogs tend to attract certain like-minded people together.

And the good blogs create a sort of virtual community. And the vocabulary and vernacular for talking about the ideas that the community is all about.

It’s my hope that over time something similar will happen here.

Find a voice and style of presenting

Presenting and talking in front of groups of people has always been something that came naturally to me.

I didn’t always realize that because just like anyone else I would get nervous and think that I had SUCKED when in reality a lot of people enjoyed the things that I had to say.

Not because they were innately remarkable, but because other people had those exact same thoughts.. But hadn’t heard someone else share them also!

Same with writing, People would say that I was a good writer but it didn’t make sense because writing was hard (and it’s still difficult!)

It wasn’t exactly easy but others said that it was something that I was good at so I shrugged my shoulders and went along with my business.

Having a blog as a project is a way to force myself to refine these skills instead of just “winging it” all the time.

“You know, what if I forced myself to get better… Then what?”

Accountability to an Audience

If you write a blog that’s interesting enough eventually an audience will coalesce around it.

And if you care about your audience and you care about the ideas that you’re exploring then you have at an incentive to continue with your path.

At least this is how I see it, your motivation may vary.

Creating a blog is is a way for me to increase personal accountability by making public my ideas and thoughts and forcing myself to increase the quality of my thinking.


I would be the first to admit that I’m not exactly the most disciplined person. In fact I would go as far as to say that I am pretty lazy.

I like to find the most effective and simplest way to do something. The downside to that is if I am not convinced that I know what the best way to do something is… I might not do it all.

Forcing myself to keep the writing schedule would help me to develop discipline to do things because there’s a schedule and there is a need to create.

When I was a musician I created the habit of writing songs all the time even when I didn’t even feel like writing songs. This resulted a lot of my best material.

So I realized that “feeling like it” and not feeling like it doesn’t really matter to the end result.

Just to see what happens

Writing a blog consistently is something that I’ve thought about for years but I never committed myself to doing it long-term.

Now I’m ready for this experiment so we’ll see what happens and see how everything develops.

I hope that in a few years or maybe in just one year (which is my target time for this project) that I can look back on his first post and then sort of laugh and reminisce and Be Amazed at how far I have come from where I began.

Thanks for reading this lonely first blog post!



How will I know I have succeeded for the first year? One blog per week. That’s my minimum target. You can roast me if January 2020 comes around and I will owe everybody $1 if there aren’t 52 blogs up. 😉

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